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An acronym is a word formed from the first letters of a series of words. We take the first letter of each word and make a new word out of them that can be pronounced. A meaningful or insightful acronym (my own terminology) is when the new words made of each letter are well defining or descriptive of the original word. The best ones produce a proper meaningful sentence.

Etymology of the word acronym
Origin and pronouciation of “Acronym”

Have you ever heard an acronym for a word you know of that made you think “wow, that’s a really good one!”? It furthers understanding of the original word or gives something to think about or hold onto? I hope you know what I mean… oh yes, for example the word Hope itself can be given the meaningful acronym of “Hanging Onto Positive Expectations”.

It’s often been said that the “meaning of life” is the meaning that you decide to give it. That there is no meaning except what we give, so why not enjoy some meaningful wordplay?!

  • Fear – False Evidence Appearing Real
    • this is most relevant when considering imagined fear, such as lying for fear of what may or may not happen if we tell the truth.
  • Think – True. Helpful. Inspiring. Necessary. Kind
    • Before speaking, THINK about if what you’re saying will be…
  • Grace – Gratitude Realized As Conscious Experience
    • When thankful we are prone to notice and experience grace in the flow of life.
  • Peace – Pursue Excellence And Cherish Everyone
  • Life – Live It Fully Every Day

Those are a few meaningful and inspirational acronyms I’ve come across that, at least to me, are worthy of thinking about for a while.

Do you know of anymore fun and insightful acronyms? Maybe you’ve heard or even made up your own. If you do please Share (Social Help And Resource Exchange) in the comments below 🙂

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