First we’ll breathe together – generating a psychedelic, healing & invigorating state that fills your senses, stills the mind and uplifts your spirit; then we hit the icebath! Breathe & Freeze practices are science backed and easily felt for happiness, strength, health, fun and community.

Vegan Bodybuilder Mischa Janiec came and rocked it! See his youtube video showing much of what happens at the Breathe & Freeze event here (in German)

Set in the heart of Srithanu on the beautiful Sunny Yoga hilltop surrounded by nature, we’ll have some powerful breathwork based on practices such as the Wim Hof Method and Some Breath. After the preparatory breathwork we hit the pool filled with around 300 kilos of ice cubes which typically brings the water temperature to between 3-5 degrees Celcius.

Science backed benefits of Icebaths

* Reduces inflammation cytokines dramatically
* Flushes lymph system
* Lowers stress hormones to below your avg
* Strengthens immune system
* Strengthens resilience to ‘fight or flight’ mode
* Minimizes auto-immune conditions
* Reduces anxiety & depression
* Reduces blood sugar
* Burns fat even hours after
* Neuro-protective effects
* Neuro-generative effects
* Reboots & refreshes the cardio-vascular system

Somewhat infamous* Tantra Coach Shaft Uddin was thrilled with the experience!!
(* if you really wanna know… check out this VICE documentary)

See you on the Sunny Yoga hilltop, Sundays 3 to 5pm! (see map)
Contribution is only 300THB (about $10))
Please arrive 10 minutes early ❄️🙏❄️